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Meditations on Intention and Being: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Mindfulness and Compassion

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Calm and Awake in the New Year: A Message from Rolf Gates





"Rolf has done it again... If you are interested in living your life from the inside out, this is the book you want to start your day with."
Congressman Tim Ryan, author, A Mindful Nation: How a Simple Practice Can Help Us Reduce Stress, Improve Performance and Recapture the American Spirit

"This book is an absolute gift. Rolf is able to take profound teachings and make them both personal and accessible to all. His words are like having a wise, compassionate friend in your ear, guiding you toward your own well-being.
Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author of Miracles Now

"Gates reveals himself as a teacher whose intimacy, honesty, and larger intention to live and love well bring forth jewels of wisdom in this precious collection."
Shiva Rea, founder Prana Vinyasa, author, Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Rhythm with the Pulse of Life

"Rolf Gates offers a deeply personal, and universally applicable, study of the core practices that are embedded in the ancient systems of yoga and Buddhism, with a wholly unique perspective and an accessible voice for the contemporary age."
David Lipsius, CEO, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

"Rolf presents his wealth of yoga knowledge and his life experiences in such a way that you feel encouraged to follow suit. He combines the more complex teachings of Buddha with specific examples that guide the reader through very meaningful and accessible chapters. Not only does he talk the talk—he walks the walk, too."
Kathryn Budig, Yoga Teacher and author of Aim True

"An excellent guide to further all of us down our personal path of knowledge and understanding... no matter where we find ourselves, in the metaphorical sense, just keep paddling."
Gerry Lopez, legendary surfer, actor and author, Surf is Where You Find It


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Complete Book of Mindful Living: Awareness & Meditation Practices for Living in the Present Moment

Complete Book of Mindful Living: Awareness & Meditation Practices for Living in the Present Moment featuring Rolf GatesFeaturing Rolf Gates, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Cyndi Dale, Guy Finley
and Thomas Moore.


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Rolf Gates Quotes


"Bring your all to your practice. Let your practice be a means to discover your fullness. Be vulnerable, be sad, be happy, be mad, but be there. Just let it happen. Life is about giving, and through giving we receive everything that we need. Let your practice be about giving- give of your heart, give of your spirit, give of your virtue."

– Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat

Gottayoga's Blog

"Yoga is the study of balance,
and balance is the aim of all living creatures:
it is our home."

"The obstacles in our path ARE the path.
Every time we stretch beyond
our resistance and our fear,
we make a choice for life.

And, every time we choose life,
we find that fear loses its grip on us..."

– Rolf Gates

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Musings on Life, a stream of consciousness


"You have aspirations that are worhty of your heart and you have pracgtices that are worthy of your aspirations."

– Rolf Gates

"Many Postures require us to be unafraid.
Others require us to let go, to surrender parts
of ourselves while other aspects of ourselves are being strong and expansive.
Still others fold us back into ourselves.
We experience ourselves over and over again -
as a tree, a fish, a crow, a dog, a child, a crane.
Not separate, but one with all creation."

– Rolf Gates



"We show up, burn brightly, live passionately,
hold nothing back, and when the moment is over, when our work is done, we step back and let go."

– Rolf Gates

Heidi Parkes Art

"daily om: Caught up in life, discover that endings, done properly are excellent beginnings."

– Rolf Gates

"In our fear we believe that we must make things happen; in our practice we learn to let things happen."

– Rolf Gates




Events & Fundraisers


With Gerry Lopez, Wanderlust-Squaw, CA

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Wanderlust-Squaw, CA


Yoga Off The Mat + Into the World, Wanderlust, CA (Toyota Challenge Fundraiser!)


Always a joy to be with Yoga, Meditation + Recovery Leaders (Ashely Turner, Nikki Myers, Heidi Sormaz, Aruni Futuronsky + Tommy Rosen at Kripalu

Yoga Alliance Business of Yoga Conference - Washington DC


Yoga Reaches Out Fundraiser, Gillette Stadium, MA Raised over $300,000 for Boston Children's Hospital + Citizen Schools

500hr Graduation Fundraiser, South Boston Yoga, Boston MA for Victims of the Marathon Bombing


500hr Graduation Fundraiser for Hot House Yoga, Virginia Beach, VA




CALM + FLOW, 500hr Graduation Fundraiser


Amazing Team! 500hr Teacher Training: David Vendetti + Jacqui Bonwell


Fundraiser in Newtown, CT for the Sandy Hook Promise




Teacher Trainings + Workshops


Sunset at Esalen, Big Sur CA (Thank you Jessica)

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Rolf Gates Quotes
Teacher Trainings & Workshops







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