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Costa Rica 2015, Yoga and Surfing

The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Costa Rica - December 12-19, 2015

The Experience

Each day will include:

  • Vinyasa Yoga Session

  • Surfing Session (these sessions will be scheduled by ability level and by the tides)

  • Meditation Sessions: Instruction and Practice

  • Workshop/discussion

  • Incredible nourishing meals

  • And of course time for relaxation, bodywork, and enjoying the beach and all the beauty a place like the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort has to offer

The Yoga:

"In our fear we believe that we must make things happen; in our practice we learn to let things happen." ~ Rolf Gates

The yoga will be a synergy of dynamic flow and alignment-focused sessions dedicated to facilitating within us the vibrant aliveness so unique to a yoga practice.

The Surfing:

You will be grouped by experience level to maximize your experience and growth out on the water. Richard Schmidt and his staff will be working in smaller groups to support the development of each surfer - new to advanced.

All surfing equipment is provided - no wet suits needed - this water is warm!

The Meditation:

"Meditation is not forcing the mind to be quiet, it is bringing our attention to the quiet that is already there." ~ Deepak Chopra

In a life that works from the inside out meditation is indispensable. At its essence meditation is simply the willingness to listen, to feel, to see, to take an interest in what is happening right now. The first yoga teacher in the U.S. said "You yourselves are the beings that you seek" and that truth is felt directly just by getting still and feeling into, bringing our attention into, the quiet that is already there.

Unfortunately many of us feel as though we have had a hard time with meditation. The meditation instruction and meditation sessions this week will be dedicated to bringing down the barriers some of us have to meditation and deepening the practice of those who are already meditating regularly. As our understanding of meditation deepens we will come to see that it is a means for allowing ourselves to be that which we have become.

A Final Word:

Most of came to yoga to find peace and health and you would not be reading this if you had not found both just by spending some time on your mat. And that would be enough if we did not have jobs, families, bills to pay, along with expansive visions and dreams we would love dearly to see happen in our lifetime. How do we care deeply about the people places and things of this world and remain peaceful and joyful at the same time? Connected to the truth of who we are, unwilling to move out of alignment with that truth, there is literally nothing we cannot do, be, or have. It is not necessary that we move into this posture all at once we need only be willing to move in that direction. This week we will start moving.






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